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Gas Saftey

We offer great training in gas safety. If you have any questions with gas safety feel free to contact us. 

Gas Training

We provide hand on interactive training on how to use gas products in a variety of states. Check out the useful links page to see our options. 

Emergency Assistance

We provide emergency assistance 24/7 anytime pertaining to any gas emergencies. Assistance is available  at (970) 765-1688

for actual emergencies.

Probable Violation or Hazardous Facility notices can usually wait until normal business hours.


Have you wondered if you might have a customer or group of customers that would  be considered to be Jursidictional? That is under the Regulations found in 49 CFR 192. Contact us, lets talk about it.


If you have questions about your tank, its location, regulator(s) or an Underground domestic propane tank, Cathodic Protection. Or just want another opinion give me a call!

Some very good information is available at 

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